My tattoo music

These are the songs of my music tattoo arm to date.

Modest Mouse Good news for people who love bad news

Being an overly introverted individual this song can make me dance on tables.

Interpol Turn on the bright lights

The opening to this album saves lives.

Seabear Singing arc ep

The near end lyrics echo.

This album reminds me of time spent painting in Reno with my good friend Tim Smith. I’d listen to it in rare quiet moments. Me and Tim would have to gamble in the casinos to double up from a few dollars just so we could eat. Good times.

Bon Iver

This song reminds me of a harsh winter in Leeds. It was the beam of light between clouds.

The Antlers Hospice

reminds you that scars are evidence that something has healed

David Thomas Broughton

I once listened to this track 98 times in a row after a night out while watching a muted boxset of the tv show Bottom and drinking a bottle of Jack Daniels, no glass. I was woken up by Jehovah’s witnesses, we both had a bit of a shock.

Six By Seven The things we make

As the world rushes by this album controls the pace

Sigur Ros

The answer to Pandora’s Box