music by shoal bay

Music to listen to while sitting by the beach at Shoal Bay. Only for headphones and taking a long coach ride to get there.

Possibly for a certain temperament.

Bellows - am i? was i? because i

Chris and Thomas - broken chair

frightened rabbit - poke

the helligoats - fish sticks

joe pug - hymn 101

keegan dewitt - complicated

the paper kites - st clarity

gregory alan isakov - suitcase full of sparks

withered hand - no cigarettes

peter and the wolf - safe travels

sufjan stevens - to be alone with you

sunset rubdown - shut up i am dreaming of places where lovers have wings

high highs - live in dreams (wild nothing cover)

german error message - reaching out

keaton henson - small hands

nova amor - from gold

peter moren - this is what i came for

portrait painters - i know how to wait

shack - daniella

vetiver - been so long

beirut - transatlanitque

el perro del mar - party